Chicken Dishes  
T.1. Pha näng gai-Chicken with red curry,coconut,bamboo,peppers 6,50,-€
  and aubergine  
T.2. Gai phad graprau-Chicken with bambooand aubergine 6,50,-€
T.3. Gai phad Medmamuang-Chicken with onions,bamboo 6,50,-€
  and pepers  
  Pork Dishes  
T.4. Pa näng muu-Pork with red curry,coconut,bamboo,peppers 6,50,-€
  and aubergine  
T.5. Muu phad graprau-Pork with onions,bamboo and aubergine 6,50,-€
T.6. Gäng kieauwan muu-Pork with onions,bamboo,peppers and 6,50,-€
  Beef Dishes  
T.7. Gäng kiau wan nüa-Beef with red curry,coconut,bamboo, 7,00,-€
  peppers and aubergine  
T.8. Nüa phad graprau-Beff with onions,bamboo and aubergine 7,00,-€
T.9. Nüe phad nam man heu-Beef with onions,bamboo,peppers 7,00,-€
  and morals  
  Crispy Duck and Chicken  
T.10. Bec phad graprau-Crispy Duck with bamboo,onions 7,50,-€
  and aubergine  
T.11. Bec phad graprau- Crispy Duck with red cury,coconut,bamboo 7,50,-€
  and aubergine  
T.12. Gäng pha gai-Crispy Chicken with red cury,coconut,bamboo 7,00,-€
  and aubergine  
T.13. Gäng Kieau wan gai-Crispy Chicken with onions,bamboo 7,00,-€
  and aubergine  
  Prawn and Fish Dishes  
T.14 Gung phad graprau-Prawn with red curry,coconut,bamboo 8,50,-€
  and aubergine  
T.15. Gung phad graprau-Prawn with bamboo,onions and aubergine 8,50,-€
T.16. Pla mük phad graprau -Squid with bamboo,onions 6,50,-€
  and aubergine  
  All takeaway meals with rice packaged to keep fresh and hot.  
  Fried noodles or fried rice cost 1 Euro extra .