Duck Dishes

66. Crispy baked Duck-with pineapple in sweet sour sauce 7,00,-€
67. Crispy baked Duck-withalmonds,mushrooms and bamboo shoots 7,00,-€
68. Crispy baked Duck-with asparagus and bamboo shoots 7,00,-€
69. Crispy baked Duck-with morel and bamboo shoots 7,00,-€
70. Sap Kam Duck (crispy baked duck with vegatables-hot) 7,00,-€
71. Hongkong Duck(crispy baked duck mushrooms and morels-hot) 7,00,-€
72. Crispy baked Duck a la Kung-Po-with Chinese vegetables in 7,00,-€
  garlic sauce-hot  
73. Crispy baked Duck a la Malaya-with curry sauce(hot) 7,00,-€
74. Crispy baked Duck Chop Suey 7,00,-€
75. Crispy baked Duck-with tomatoes,muschrooms and orange 7,00,-€
  cream sauce  
76. Crispy baked Duck Szechuan Style 7,00,-€
77. Crispy baked Duck-with peanut sauce 7,00,-€
78. Crispy baked Duck-with black beans,onions mushrooms and 7,50,-€
  bean sprouts (hot),sauce extra  
  All takeaway meals with rice packaged to keep fresh and warm.  
  Fried noodles or fried rice cost 1 Euro extra.